Microsoft Technologies

a) Azure: Having considered as an ever-expanding set of cloud services, Azure helps you transform and migrate your applications, and help you manage and optimize your hybrid IT environment. Our resources are involved in bringing together the cloud services and products tailored for your industry to help meet your specific needs and drive innovation. In addition to offering fully integrated services like Software as a Service (SAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS) & Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) to our Clients, our Team also works with many other programming languages and frameworks.

b) SQL Server and Business Intelligence: Microsoft has made a great initiation to turn SQL Server into a viable enterprise database platform, and part of that has been boosting its business intelligence capabilities. Companies depend on analytics greatly to identify trends and patterns within their data, to get valuable information essential to improve decision making. Our resources excel in the effective usage of SQL business intelligence tools thus enabling users to tap into the back end of SQL Server to find valuable business data, create reports and visualize the data.

c) .NET: .Net is designed and developed by Microsoft for providing a broad range of functionalities and support. Being a framework and open-source platform it enables our resources to develop Software, Web, Windows and Mobile applications to our Clients. The cross-platform feature also enables our resources to work using multiple languages, editors and libraries. Providing various services like Memory management, Networking, Trusted and Secured benefits via its run-time, it helps our resource build the applications providing better response times with less usage of computing power.